How to Secure Your DBS iBanking Account?

Please observe the following measures to optimize the confidentially of your username and password.

Creating Your Password
Handling of Your Password
Choosing a Good Password
Choosing a Good Username

Creating Your Password
1. Password must consist of letters and numbers and its length must be 8, with a minimum of 3 alpha and 3 numeric. e.g. "skla1739", to increase the difficulty of guessing or cracking the passwords.
2. Do NOT use special characters and space.
3. Do NOT use 3 or more consecutive identical characters. e.g. "333", "aaa", etc.
4. Do NOT use sequential characters. e.g. "123", "abc", etc.
5. Do NOT use consecutive keyboard characters. e.g. "qwert", "asdfg", etc.
6. Do NOT use your Username as your password.
7. Do NOT use obvious passwords, such as initials, family names, company name, your date of birth, HKID number, telephone number or other numbers / letters that could be guessed or insecure.
8. Do NOT use passwords from other Internet sites.

Handling of Your Password
1. Don't disclose your password to anyone, including the Bank staff.
2. Don't allow anyone else to use your password.
3. Don't write down or record the password without disguising it, as this can easily lead to discovery and compromise.
4. Don't associate your password with your initials, family names, birthdays, HKID card number, telephone number or similar numbers as your password.
5. Change your password periodically, e.g. within 90 days or 3 months and the new password should be different from the previous passwords.
6. Always remember to log off when you have completed your banking activities.
7. Report to us immediately any actual or suspected misuse of your password and ensure that such a password is changed without delay.
  You are responsible for transactions carried out using your password.

Handling of Your Password (Continued)
8. Beware of common social engineering attacks, e.g. people pretending to be a police or Bank staff to ask you to tell them your password.
9. Make sure that no one is looking over your shoulder as you are typing your password.
10. Initial passwords given by the Bank must be changed as soon as possible when the system is first accessed. The original print copy of this given initial password should be destroyed.
11. Customers should not leave their iBanking devices (e.g., computers) unattended if they are in the middle of a session.
12. Exercise care in using the iBanking devices if the computer used to access iBanking services is likely to be shared with others. For instance, removing the temporary files that were stored in the memory or on the hard disks of the customers' personal computers during usage of iBanking services, as the temporary files may contain sensitive information of the customers such as account numbers.
13. Exercise caution if other password/account information detectors installed, as it is often very easy for people to discover the data that you are entering data.
14. Upon a successful log-on to the system, you should check the date and time of the previous successful log-on, or details of the last unsuccessful log-on attempt since the last successful log-on. Change your password if you feel uncomfortable of the security of your password.
15. Do not access your internet banking account nor provide your user ID and password via hyperlinks embedded in any e-mails. Please click here for more information.
  You are responsible for transactions carried out using your password.

Choosing a Good Password
1. Customers must select a password that cannot be easily guessed by other people and does not conform to a sequential convention. Examples of bad passwords are abcdefgh, 12345678, abcd1234, qwertyui, 22222222, 99990000, 11122233, 12341234, etc.
2. Wherever possible the customers should think of a password that means something to them, but not to others.
3. Customers should not choose their passwords from dictionary words, foreign words or words derived from dictionary words (e.g. backward words, like "drowssap" which is simply a backward spelling of the word "password")
4. You may consider to choose your password by:
(1) First choosing a phrase/sentence that is easy for you to remember (e.g. "DBS iBanking service needs strong password for login")
(2) Take the initials of each words or convert the word to a letter or number (e.g. substitute "for" by "4") : Disnsp41
(3) Convert some characters (e.g. 'e' to '3', 'l' to '1', 'q' to '9', 'z' to '2'), and pick "Disnsp41" as the password.

Choosing a Good Username

Customers should not choose a username that can be easily identified, such as your name, initials, date of birth, etc. For example, the username "jennytan" can be easily identified or guessed by others compared with the username "jenny487sbck".

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