Principal Cardholder's Information

Note: All your personal credit card accounts (including supplementary card accounts) will share an overall credit limit. Supplementary card application is not applicable to the principal cardholder of student.

English name as printed on HKID Card
Surname   Given Name
Hong Kong Mobile Phone No.
Principal Card No.
(Only Applicable to DBS Black American Express Card)

Supplementary Card Applicant's Information

Note: Supplementary card applicant must be Hong Kong residents over 18 years of age.

Apply Supplementary Card
English Name as printed on HKID Card
Surname   Given Name
Date of Birth
Passport No.
(if no HKID)
Hong Kong Mobile Phone No.^
Relationship with Principal Cardholder

^   A one-time password will be sent to the phone number you provided to conduct identity authentication for online transaction; The bank will not be able to send the one-time password if invalid phone number is provided.

Relationship with Staff Member(s) or Director(s) of The Bank

Is supplementary card applicant a relative or spouse of any of the directors or employees of DBS Bank (Hong Kong) Limited or its parent, DBS Bank Ltd, or any of its other subsidiaries?


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  • The online application will not be processed in real time and is not for urgent submission of information. Should you have any enquiry, please contact our 24-hour hotline at (852) 2290 8888.
  • By proceeding further, you agree that the Bank may use the above information submitted to contact you regarding your credit card application.